Keep in mind, the images you see below will include different seasons and may look a little different at the time of your session. I do not do any railroad track pictures.

There's a few places I haven't been to for pictures but I think they'd be awesome:

Elephant Rock Nature Park

Natural Falls State Park (this would be a better option for a couple than for a family with kids, there is also a fee here, but I can't remember if it's per person or per vehicle!)

J&B Flower Patch (there is a fee per person)

There's plenty of other options out there, these are just some of my favorites and we can ultimately go wherever you'd like.

Chandler Park

Untitled photo

Chandler Park is located in Tulsa, Ok. There are a few different locations in the park including the rocks, open grassy areas, trees, and a small area with tall grass if it is available.

Washington Irving Memorial Park

Untitled photo

This sandy area is a VERY long walk in the sand, but if it's a perfect fit for the look you're going for and you don't mind a sandy walk, then this is for you!

Lake Bixhoma

Untitled photo

This area includes an very steep hike through the trees down to this area. Not for you if you're afraid of heights or worried about maybe getting a little muddy. After it rains, this waterfall is overflowing with water and a little harder to get to but very pretty.

Okmulgee Lake

Untitled photo

This is a great place if you want to get in the water or a nice view without having to travel too far.


Untitled photo

Downtown Sapulpa is a great urban look and includes the awesome bridge you see pictured just outside of town.


Untitled photo

Tree farms and pumpkin patches are available when in season.

Turkey Mountain

Untitled photo

Turkey Mountain is located in Tulsa, Ok. There are many different areas available including a pond, trails through the trees, open grassy areas, and an old train near a waterfall. The train and waterfall are about a 2 mile hike.

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