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Wedding Shadowing- $400

Follow me through a wedding day and see how I do everything from greeting the bride, to camera settings, lenses, reception lighting and dealing with crazy family members, because let's be real... They exist. I will walk you through what I'm doing step by step as I do it and tell you all the tips and tricks I can think of. Second wedding is $200.

Portrait Shadowing- $175

You can choose what type of session between senior, family or engagement that you would like to follow me through and I will explain every step I take to you.

Q&A- $175

A one hour Skype convo where you can pick my brain and ask me every question you can think up. Second hour Is $100.

Edit Party- $300

Sit with me and watch me edit (in my office in Purcell) and ask me all the questions you want for two hours about anything and everything.

Critique- $75

Send in a session to me and I will give you a harsh and honest critique on your images from in the camera to the editing process you used. This is not for the faint of heart. Once you have re-done things, send it back to me for a second go round and we'll see how you did! Second critique is $45 and includes the same.

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