Kayla + Marshall

December 10, 2021

I haven't posted here in a while, but I am determined to do a better job at it!

Let's talk winter weddings.

They're my favorite.

I was SO excited to hear Kayla was hoping for snow and Christmas trees at her wedding. Two things I love! Of course, being in northern Michigan in December there was a pretty good chance of it, but we were both still really grateful that there was snow everywhere!

10 years into shooting weddings and this was my first snowy wedding (somehow). I loved every minute of it!

All of the details of Kayla and Marshall's wedding were so sweet and personal to them.


And I could go on and on about this beautiful room that we used for getting ready in. From the rock walls to the beautiful windows, the hanging plants to the chandelier in the middle of the room, it was all PERFECT.

What you can't see...

It was FREEZING cold in this room. I mean, maybe 40°.   Though later in the day after running around a bit with my warm coat on, I really enjoyed being in this room.

Note the cute s'mores socks Kayla is wearing to keep warm in her heels.


Did I mention I had a hard time narrowing down which pictures to use in this blog post?

Fun fact: I took 1673 pictures this day. That's pretty average for me, but I am a heavy shooter so that may be WAY over what other wedding photogs average on a wedding day.

And LOOK at how beautiful Kayla is below. These were taken just before the ceremony.


And the award for one of the absolute sweetest reactions ever to his bride goes to Marshall, for obvious reasons.


And yes, that awkward moment when your officiant drops the rings on the floor...


These two were over-joyed to finally be married and it was SO SWEET to witness.


Those precious moments right after the ceremony are always my favorite.


We're not gonna have snow everywhere and not throw it in the air.


The best wedding dresses have pockets.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate Michael, my hubs?

He's always holding bags, coats, outfit changes, dog leashes, bouquets, helping me switch lenses in record time when my hands are full, helping me change into my snow boots, running errands all over venues, even shooting with my extra cameras. I don't normally show him helping, but I had to document him trudging through the snow in front of Kayla so she could walk a little easier.

He's the real MVP.


And these trees...


We'll call them birch trees (pretty sure they are but I could be wrong *shrug*).

They were the perfect backdrop to the snow-covered ground.

I showed the above image to Kayla on the back of my camera right after I took it and she said, "That's my Twilight picture!"

Translation- It gave her all the vibes from the Twilight movies.


Kayla and Marshall made all of their centerpieces and other decor out of homemade gingerbread cookies. Talk about adorable.

Their guests were asked to help themselves to their centerpieces for a little dessert.


These two danced in style. It was so fun to watch them having so much fun together.


Kayla and Marshall didn't want to feed each other cake, so I recommended they bite each other's heads off instead. I'd say it went well.


Of course when your venue has a Christmas room you have to sneak away from your reception after the sun goes down to snap a few pics.

I don't normally lay down on the floor between my couples and take a selfie, but when I do, it's in the reflection of an ornament.


A little bit of dancing before the beautiful send off from their guests.


Each guest had a candle and a hymn and everyone joined in singing an a cappella version of "Be Thou My Vision".


One last kiss for the camera before they leave, then one last classic portrait of the bride and they were on their way.

Thank you to Marshall and Kayla for allowing me to be a part of your day. I hope you cherish your images forever and have a beautiful, Christ-filled life together.

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