Leila + Joe

I have to say, from the second Leila contacted me and mentioned the word "elope", I was super giddy. She knew they wanted to go to the Wichita Mountains in Lawton, Ok for their elopement session, so that alone is exciting (I mean, the place is beautiful).

I love hearing the sweet stories, and these two sure didn't disappoint.

With Joe living in England and Leila here in Oklahoma, their relationship started out on Instagram (isn't the 21st Century the coolest?), and when the two of them finally met they knew they were meant to be! They decided to elope with a couple of their friends and some family there to witness, and they obviously wanted gorgeous pictures to document this time of their lives (because who wouldn't), so that's where I came in <3

It was seriously a blast hiking around, climbing trees and watching them stand off the edge of the mountain together in a wedding dress and a tux (yes, I almost had a heart attack or two), and I have found my new calling in life........ Forget being a wedding photographer, I just want to be an elopement photographer LOL

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